A Young Woman’s Journey to Find Belonging

When 9-year-old Latoyia Blount found out her birth parents had given her up for adoption she felt a sense of confusion and rejection, despite her adoptive mother’s loving efforts to reassure her that she was a part of a family.  So Latoyia’s journey to find her identity began.  It took her through many heartbreaks throughout her adolescent years and early adulthood.  But through her faith, strength, and courage to overcome, she found peace with the woman she had become.  She focused on her children, her education, her career, and her church.  Her journey also led her to her biological family.

Latoyia shares her story in her memoir How the Little Girl Within Became a Woman Scorned.

Today Latoyia is a Child-Focused Recruiter for Children’s Home Society.  As she ends her book, “By the way, in case you were wondering, that little girl is now a beautiful grown woman who has a career with working with children in the foster care system to assist with locating a proper permanent placement.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she is a dedicated advocate for many adoptees like herself, and she is thrilled with the life that God has given her.  I am that little girl.”

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