Navigating Tremendous Challenges

At a time when we are navigating tremendous challenges, we are again confronted with the reality of inequality and racism that still exist.  We at Children’s Home Society have been trying to process the events of the last few days following George Floyd’s tragic death. We extend our condolences to his family and cannot begin to imagine the pain that his death has brought to them and to so many others.  His death has followed too many.

 Racism and racial inequality are totally contrary to what we stand for. At its best, family is where the seeds of kindness, empathy, and love are planted and nurtured. Kindness, empathy, and love are powerful tools we have to address racial inequality wherever it exists.

Every one of us is dealing with these issues personally and, hopefully, together with our loved ones and families. We are committed to working proactively to address bias and inequity and our commitment to compassion remains our focus for all. 

Take care and be well,
Brian Maness
President & CEO