Stories from the Heart – Fayetteville 2019

Every child deserves a permanent, safe, and loving family. Community leaders, Blair Alligood, Judy Harrison, and Mandy Hurley are working with Children’s Home Society to host a gathering to discuss how the community can help meet the needs of children in foster care in Cumberland County.

Over 30 local businesses as well as individuals are coming together to sponsor this information-sharing event that is free and open to the public. “There are nearly 900 children in foster care in Cumberland County, and we want to give people the opportunity to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent,” said Mandy Hurley.

On February 26th 2019, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Studio 215, Children’s Home Society team members and volunteers will mingle with guests to discuss how to get involved and dispel some of the myths around adopting from foster care. During the short program, Brian Maness, President & CEO, will explain how the community can have a positive impact in addressing the needs of children in foster care. The event includes local families’ stories and the positive impact foster care and adoption have made on their lives.

Guests will bring a children’s book to be given to a child living with a foster family. Food and beverages will be served. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

CHS partners with the Department of Social Services to ensure each child in the foster care system has the opportunity to find his or her forever family. All monies raised from this event will support foster care and adoption efforts in Cumberland County. For more information contact CHS’s local Fayetteville office: 910-860-5534 or visit:

Children’s Home Society offers a network of services and support throughout North Carolina to help establish and sustain healthy, loving relationships in every family. For 117 years, Children’s Home Society has provided a broad spectrum of programs and services including adoption, foster care, parenting education, family preservation, teen pregnancy prevention, and family finding. Children’s Home Society believes in the importance of family, not only in the life of a child, but also in the foundation of a community.