Adopted children & their family business

The Dickens are big advocates of adoption and debunking the common misconceptions surrounding adoption and shared their story here.

All five Dickens children help run the downtown Greensboro family business, Savor the Moment Bakery and Dessert Cafe. Fifteen-year-old Jasmine, 14-year-old Austin, 14-year-old Rebecca, 12-year-old Nicole and 10-year-old Kashad all work at the business.

The children’s impressive entrepreneur skills are clear in sight. Jasmine runs her own company designing specialty made-to-order cookies.

“Yes because of my mom! I started my own business, it’s really cool,” Jasmine stated. It takes her days sometimes to complete orders as she prints off the designs and hand designs each cookie.

She added, “My mom has supported me a whole bunch that’s where a lot of my orders come from. Her friends’ friends and then my dad is always encouraging me every time he says these are the best cookies, I say that’s what you said last time.”

Fourteen-year-old Austin shows off his skills by making his well-known cinnamon rolls.

“So I started with bagels and if you mess something up with the yeast, it’s just super finicky it goes downhill, I did bagels for a year or so and now I switched to cinnamon rolls.”

Austin said he’s received a lot of positive feedback from the rolls.

“You can’t ever be too young to do something, because who expects to be a 14 year old or younger to be working in a business, who expects that?”

Inside the bakery, people will also notice Rebecca, Nicole and Kashad behind the counter working the register or selling goodies.

For mom and dad, adoption has brought so much joy to their lives and they hope their story and children’s success will help positively influence other families.

Jasmine’s words of encouragement; “Keep going, keep trying and do everything to the best of your ability. Find something you really like to do.”



This story originally aired on WXII, and we thank Audrey Biesk for the interview.

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