Birth Parent FAQs

What is adoption?

Adoption is the legal placement of a child with a family who will love and provide the permanency plan for the child requested by the birth parent(s).

Is adoption permanent?

Yes. The child becomes a permanent member of the adoptive family with full legal rights.

Can I just talk to someone to discuss my options?

Yes. We have birth parent permanency specialists who work across the state with teens and women facing choices just like yours. They understand what you are going through and they want to help you think through all your options. Their job is to give you truthful, helpful information. They cannot and will not make the decision for you. Only you know what is best for you and your child.

Can I help select the adoptive family?

Absolutely! You are very important to us, and we will follow your wishes for your child. We have families from a variety of backgrounds who have been carefully screened to ensure they will provide safe, loving, permanent homes.

What is an open adoption?

There are various degrees of openness in adoption. You may:

  • Select an adoptive family from reading profiles
  • Have an anonymous meeting with the adoptive family
  • Have a direct placement from the hospital
  • Receive pictures and/or progress reports up to 18 years
  • Have a completely open adoption (identified)

Your CHS permanency specialist will help you look at your situation and options, and you will be able to select the level of openness that is most comfortable for you.

Is there financial assistance available?

Adequate medical care is essential to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. CHS will provide you with information about prenatal care and nutrition. CHS will also help you secure funding for your medical expenses.

After the adoption is complete, how will I feel?

It will be natural to feel sadness or a sense of loss. Your permanency specialist will be there for to support you and help you to cope with your grief and loss issues. Remember the reasons you chose adoption, including your hopes and dreams for your child’s happiness and security. You have given your baby a gift for life. This can be a source of continued comfort for you and your child.

Does the father of the baby have to be involved?

North Carolina law requires the involvement of the birth and/or legal father in an adoption plan. Birth fathers are encouraged to take advantage of the free, confidential counseling services offered by our experienced, professional permanency specialists. Birth fathers need to understand their options and be fully informed of their rights and responsibilities. Every opportunity is explored by the CHS staff to help the birth father participate in the adoption plan.

Why should I choose CHS?

Founded in 1902, CHS has helped facilitate the adoption process for thousands of teenagers and women like you. Our permanency specialists have extensive training and experience to help birth parents make decisions with confidence. They will help you explore your options and offer you encouragement and support to face the future with hope.

For more information, please call 1-800-632-1400 or contact us.