Intensive Permanency Services/Child-Focused Recruitment

One Referral, One Program, One Relationship, One Outcome

The Intensive Permanency Services at Children’s Home Society is a uniquely designed program that serves all 100 counties across North Carolina. We have streamlined our services to efficiently meet the needs of our partners. Our services assist county agencies in meeting the needs of youth ages 9-20. Every child needs a permanent, safe, and loving family, and our goal is to help youth exit care with the most direct route to permanency.

Child-Focused Recruitment uses a defined approach, the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids model developed by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, that focuses on identifying a forever family for the longest waiting children in foster care. The program connects youth with extended family sharing genetic, legal, or social relationships, or an adoptive family that is uniquely suited for the youth.

3X Children served through this model are 3X more likely to be adopted.

Child-Focused Recruitment

  • Review the child’s case file
  • Extensively search for relatives
  • Explore past connections
  • Engage family by sharing genetic, legal, or social relationships
  • Build trusting relationships with community partners, extended family, and most importantly, the child
  • Identify child’s desires for their future
  • Establish a plan to recruit the family that best meets the child’s needs
  • Prepare the child for future family relationships

“It’s never too late to get adopted. You can be 22 and get adopted. Adoption is important because we need someone to help us grow up to be somebody.”

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Model

A five-year, rigorous national evaluation of the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, completed by Child Trends, found that this method of child-focused recruitment is dramatically more successful than business as usual:

  • Children served by the model were 1.7 times more likely to be adopted
  • Older children were 3 times more likely to be adopted
  • Children with mental health issues were more than 3 times more likely to be adopted
  • The older the child served, the higher the likelihood of being adopted when served by the program

Children’s Home Society Support

Family members of youth receiving Intensive Permanency Services are eligible for educational support. CHS has developed an innovative Family Education and Support program that pairs certified Parent Educators with caregivers to develop and implement an individualized training plan based on the caregivers’ unique learning needs. Training is child-specific and often includes topics such as understanding the effects of trauma, trauma-informed parenting, assisting youth with grief and loss, and Triple P. This training and educational support help set up families for success.

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