Contract Home Study Services

CHS provides home study services, also known as pre-placement assessments, throughout the state for anyone seeking to adopt a child or children primarily from another resource. The home study process can be a source of anxiety for some prospective parents, who may fear they will not be “approved.” Please remember that we are not looking for perfect parents.

Prospective parents should face the home study experience with confidence and the excitement that should accompany the prospect of welcoming a child into their family.

A family or individual in need of a contracted home study or other services may be considering one of the following:

  • Agency Placements (NC or out of state)
  • International Adoption
  • Direct Placement (between birth parents and adoptive parents)
  • Step-Parent or Relative Adoption
  • Post-Placement Services (visits after placement)

Services Offered

  • Pre-Placement Assessment (Home Study)
  • Pre-Placement Assessment Update
  • International Pre-Placement Assessment
  • International Pre-Placement Assessment Update
  • Post Placement Services (Visits with Reports)
  • Finalization of Domestic Adoption in NC
  • Step-Parent or Relative Adoption
  • Home Inspections

Home study services are provided for a fee that is contracted with the family when the assessment process begins.

For more information, please call CHS at 1-800-632-1400 or contact us.