Supportive Services

Child-Focused Recruitment

Child-Focused Recruitment connects children to extended biological family members and other meaningful people with the ultimate goal of adoption or guardianship. Refer a client.

Outpatient Therapy

CHS offers comprehensive therapy services including trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health services and mental health assessments. CHS therapeutic counseling services for children and families are provided by licensed practitioners who specialize in the mental health needs of children and their families or caretakers. Outpatient Therapy Services are available to any child, ages 3-21, and their families, who are having difficulties dealing with life’s challenges. Learn More

Post Adoption Services

Adoption is a lifelong process and CHS provides a wealth of support services to adoptees, adoptive families, and birth parents.  Our post-adoption services help clients overcome issues that may arise from their experiences with adoption. Learn more

Support Post Adoption Network (SPAN)

SPAN provides services to support finalized adoptions of children from the local foster care system. Learn more

Intensive Family Preservation Services

Our program works with families whose children are at imminent risk of removal with the goal to prevent placement in foster care. Learn more