Annual Little Red Stocking Fund

Annual Little Red Stocking Fund Provides Hope for Children and Families Across North Carolina

November 11, 2021 – Greensboro, NC – For more than 90 years, Children’s Home Society’s Little Red Stocking Fund has provided hope for North Carolina families. Hope for children like Elijah.

Like many 12-year-old boys, Elijah likes video games, wishes for a pet, and imagines having his own dirt bike.  But mostly, he dreams of having a family who will love him.

“I want a loving and caring family. A family who is active and likes to go do things like go to parks. I would like a mom and a dad. I just want a family who will love me.”

Children’s Home Society is pleased to launch this year’s annual fundraising effort with all proceeds going to provide permanent, safe, and loving families for children in need like Elijah.

At Children’s Home Society we work diligently to help parents create a safe, positive setting for children to grow and thrive, and to preserve families so that children do not enter the foster care system. However, when it does become necessary to remove children from their families, we strive for reunification when it is an option, and if not, we are there to help provide children with a healthy family setting through foster care or adoption.

Proceeds from last year’s Little Red Stocking Fund helped CHS serve more than 23,000 North Carolina children and families. This included providing family preservation services to over 1,000 youth and creating a safe haven for nearly 1,100 children with foster care families.

You can give hope to children across North Carolina this year by supporting the annual Little Red Stocking Fund.  For more information and to donate to the Little Red Stocking campaign, please call 1-800-632-1400 or visit

Children’s Home Society has celebrated more than 16,000 adoptions since 1902.  With over 12,000 children in foster care in our state and 450-plus aging out each year, we continue to work tirelessly in our mission to promote the right of every child to a permanent, safe, and loving family.

About Children’s Home Society of North Carolina

Children’s Home Society offers a network of services and support throughout North Carolina to help establish and sustain healthy, loving relationships in every family. For 120 years, Children’s Home Society has provided a broad spectrum of programs and services including adoption, foster care, parenting education, family preservation, and teen responsibility. Children’s Home Society believes in the importance of family, not only in the life of a child but also in the foundation of a community. For more information, visit


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