A Place To Call Home Feedback

We want to thank all who came to this years A Place To Call Home. This year we are asking our guests for feedback.

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If you would like to impact the children and families across North Carolina by giving, you can do so at our A Place To Call Home website.

One of the best parts of giving is when you are a part of a community that feels the same way. We want you to know you are a member of a wonderful group of people who care about children and families so when you send us your quilt piece, you will get back somebody else’s quilt piece. You will know that your new treasure came to you because somebody else feels the same way you do!

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Our community is vital to our success. Find out how your time, talent and resources can help more children find and experience loving families.

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It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a community to affect lasting change. Invest in the lives of children and make a difference for families everywhere.