Braylen, Naveah, and Their Two Families

After living with a foster family for several years, Braylen and Naveah are now back home with their biological mother and father thanks to shared parenting. Through shared parenting, foster parents cultivate positive, supportive relationships with birth parents, which ultimately benefits the children. Braylen and Naveah are able to share smiles and enjoy experiences with both their foster parents and Mom and Dad.

“I made it my mission that I was going to do whatever I needed to do to make sure they were coming home with us,” says mom Elizabeth. “I worked with foster mom Robbi, and we all made sure it happened.”

It didn’t take long before they established a relationship. They began sharing activities with the kids like school events, helping with school projects, or support other online activities at and going to doctor appointments. They began having shared discussions on decisions about the kids like school matters and discipline.

“We saw how involved they wanted to be with their children,” Robbi said. “We all make mistakes and go through different journeys in our lives. We saw the love for their children come though.”



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