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Heart for Giving to Children and Families

“Sometimes when you donate money, you wonder what it’s really being used for, and does it really help. We like seeing the positive impact of our support.” A few years […]

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27-Year-Old Decides to Foster, Then Adopts 7-Year-Old

Mary Murphy adopted her daughter Katie through CHS after serving as her foster mom for 15 months. Her interest in fostering piqued during her time evaluating grant proposals from nonprofits […]

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Meet the Johnson Five

Doris and Shemroy Johnson are experienced parents of two adult children. They felt they had been blessed with their daughters and that their home and hearts were big enough to […]

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Couple Fosters 206 Infants Over 40 Years

Just days before their foster care license expired, the day they planned to retire from foster parenting after 40 years, Judy and Alan Patterson welcomed their 206th infant into their […]

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A Time to Give Back

It’s hard to believe it’s only been five years since our family doubled. After partnering with Children’s Home Society to become licensed to foster and adopt, Lauren and I were […]

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From Zero to Three

I always knew when I got married and was ready for a family, I wanted to adopt. My brothers, now 18 and19, were adopted. Seeing how they fit into our […]

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Haiden’s Story

Haiden has been living with her foster parents for 2 years. Previously, she was with a DSS family for a year that she thought was her forever family. She has […]

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Grace’s Little Girls

Two sisters came into foster care at the ages of one and two after being removed from their birth-mom who neglected them. When Grace, our social worker, first met the […]

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Brittanie’s Success Story

In 2008, a single Mom adopted four and five-year-old sisters through CHS. Several years later, when this Mom got married, they decided as a couple to grow their family through […]

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A Young Woman’s Journey to Find Belonging

When 9-year-old Latoyia Blount found out her birth parents had given her up for adoption she felt a sense of confusion and rejection, despite her adoptive mother’s loving efforts to […]

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