Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Black or African American

I like to listen to music, paint, and sing. My paintings are mostly abstract, galaxies, or hearts. I tend to paint what I feel, and I love making collages. I also really enjoy doing my nails, hair, and makeup. I like all kinds of music; Christian, country, rap/ hip hop.

I don’t like rude people who are disrespectful. I can’t stand when people purposefully make others feel bad just for fun. It’s mean! I also don’t like a mess. I like to be clean and to be in clean spaces. I enjoy cleaning with music on.

I  can be athletic and am good at gymnastics and am self-taught. I’m a very independent person and everything I do I’ve learned on my own including doing my hair and nails. I enjoy playing football and basketball, but I don’t like watching sports. I’ve never gotten the chance to be a kid so I’m very mature for my age.

I love cooking and baking. I LOVE shrimp Alfredo, spaghetti, and Domino’s pizza, ham and cheese sandwiches, and my foster mother’s chili. I hate mushrooms, olives, and stuffing. My favorite thing to do is make breakfast

I read comic books but not chapter books. I’m very outgoing and creative. I’m not mean but I can be if the situation calls for it. I’m very sensitive and don’t like being yelled at. I have a bubbly personality. I love animals especially cats or dogs. I really want a ferret or a baby monkey.

Religion is not important to me, and I would prefer either a non-religious family or one who practice secular Christianity. I would prefer a family who looks like me but am open to other races and interracial families. I’m confident in myself but not arrogant.

I prefer to have younger parents because we tend to have the same sense of humor and I feel as if older adults tend to talk down to kids more. I would prefer to be an only child unless the child is much younger or a baby. I would like a single mother, mother and father, or same sex couple (male or female).

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