Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: American Indian or Alaska Native

Adrianna is a very strong-minded young lady who is a real go-getter. She likes to spend time with friends, get manicures, and is very comical. Adrianna thinks on her feet. Family is important to Adrianna. She has many siblings whom she loves and simply adores. She loves to joke around or “scold” with her brother Robert, in particular. Adrianna does not live in the same home as her brother and sisters, but they are the most important people in her life. She enjoys her telephone conversations and visits with them.

Adrianna desires to have a family who can help her emotionally, physically and support the achievement of her academic goals. Adrianna yearns for a family that is nurturing, structured, outgoing, flexible, and patient. She hopes that this forever family can accept her without judgment.

Adrianna is a diamond in the rough who has can flourish with love and compassion.

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