Gender: Male
Age: 11
Race: White or Caucasian

Austin is a funny energetic little boy who loves to play with cars and Legos.  At school, he likes math and playing with his friends. He says that his hero is Ironman “because he can fly” which may be why he is so proud of his ability to do front flips in the pool. When asked if he could visit anywhere on earth Austin said that he would go to outer space and he wants to be a police officer or teacher when he grows up.

Austin wants a mother and father who are free with affection and who enjoy playing games. He is a very energetic little boy who wants to live in a neighborhood where he can ride his bike with other children. Austin’s team is looking for a 2-parent home with no other children in the home. He really wants a mother to love and care for him and needs a father figure to teach him how to be a man. Austin wants a quiet family who enjoys spending time together and playing with cars. Unfortunately, he also wants a King Cobra snake as a pet. Austin has 2 older brothers who he does not live with and who are being adopted separately. He has 2 others who live with their birth parents and with whom he has no contact. He would like to see them all if possible. Due to his age, he does not understand why he doesn’t now and speaks about the brothers as if he recently saw them.

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