Gender: Male
Age: 5
Race: Black or African American
Number of Siblings: 2
Emmanuel (Age: 11)  Jeremiah (Age: 10)  

Ayden is friendly and loves to play.  He is a little shy when first meeting someone but warms up quickly.  He likes to play with cars and trucks. His favorite game is a motorcycle game on his tablet. Being the youngest of three, Ayden looks up to his older brothers. Although he may be small in stature, don’t let it fool you, he prides himself on being able to keep up and hang with his big brothers.

Jeremiah is a very friendly and social young man.  He loves positive attention and likes to tell jokes to whoever will listen.  Jeremiah is very generous-he recently won $200 in an art contest and he insisted on sharing his winnings with his brothers.

Emmanuel is an attractive young man with a winning smile. He is very friendly.  Emmanuel craves positive attention and will try to keep you entertained with conversation, some of which can be silly.  He often wants to share information about animals, especially predators.  His favorite animal is a wolf, and he wants to have one as a pet someday.  He is very competitive with his brothers for positive attention. Emmanuel enjoys school and his favorite subject is math.

All three boys are sports fanatics. They all agree their favorite football team is the Patriots. If they could be anywhere in the world at any time it would be at a beach. They absolutely love the water and swimming. They are very active. The boys would benefit from an involved family that will keep them busy. The boys will do best with a loving family that will advocate for them. With the right motivation and parental involvement, they will flourish and accomplish everything they put their minds to.

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