Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

Branden describes himself as smart, friendly, and kind. He enjoys playing video games, going to the pool, and he loves school. Branden is very artistic, and he is a pretty good artist. Brandon has also recently developed an interest in music and has taken up leaning how to play the drums. He is also helpful and kind.

His favorite thing about school is learning and making new friends. He is growing in his social skills and transitioning into middle school very well this year.

Branden has siblings whom he loves and is very attached to. Maintaining those connections is a must.  Branden has an important and supportive relationship with his grandmother so that connection will need to be continued.

Branden wants a “normal kid life”.  He likes being outside, he loves going to the pool.  Brandon wants to get an education so he can get a good job and have a family.

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