Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

Breionah is smart, imaginative, and loving. She enjoys planning stylish outfits and hairstyles. She likes to be active outside but does not like bugs. Breionah enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and riding her bike and scooter. She loves to go swimming, attend summer camp, play games, and have an outdoor space to play. She wants space to ride her bike and play on the  playground with other children. She also enjoys assembling puzzles and watching Paw Patrol.

Breionah’s parents will offer consistency, nurturing, structure, praise, and stability for Breionah, and be able to support her when she is finding it challenging to understand her own feelings and emotions. Breionah wants to have pets in her home and attend church. She desires lots of hugs and affection, and parents who will play with her. Her parents will read her bedtime stories and say nightly prayers with her. It is important to her to maintain contact with her siblings and with her previous foster parents.

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