Gender: Male
Age: 10
Race: Black or African American

Carson is a sports enthusiast with his favorites being basketball and football. He loves watching football games, especially the Carolina Panthers. Once in his adoptive home, he would like to participate in extracurricular activities that would allow him to participate in sports. Carson’s other interests include playing video games, going to the movies, action figures, playing with remote control cars, and spending time with friends.

Although Carson can be introverted at first, this young man has an adventurous spirit and is always willing to try new things. He hopes to be drafted into the NFL one day but if this does not happen, he plans to pursue a career as a police officer. Carson shares that being adopted would make him very happy!

Carson is looking for a calm and understanding family. He would like younger parents that are able to play with him. Carson would benefit from being able to be part of social and team sports. Doing activities together as a family means a lot to Carson. He is open to both older and younger siblings.

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