Gender: Female
Age: 10
Race: White or Caucasian

Unicorns, glitter, and rainbows, oh my! Cassy loves all things pink and girly. Those who know Cassy best describe her as sweet, charming, and silly. Always on the go, Cassy loves gymnastics and has been practicing her cartwheels. She also loves to swim. Anybody of water will do, but her favorite vacations have been to the beach! For her most recent birthday, she had a long list of wishes ranging from makeup to a puppy, and cowgirl boots in her favorite color, pink! At school, she enjoys working on “passion projects” that allow her to dig deep Into a topic that she is interested in. Sometimes school is overwhelming, but Cassy practices reading every day and wants to do well and get good grades.

When describing her ideal family, Cassy said she wants one that “likes to color, go to church, camping, and spend time together.”  She would do well in a two-parent home that is active, affectionate, structured and has experience working with children with therapeutic needs. She does get along better with older children or adults, so ideally she would be the youngest or only child In the home. She has one juvenile aunt with whom she hopes to stay in touch. Cassy responds well to privileges and rewards rather than being told “no.” A perfect family for Cassy would be loving, and able to provide her with a nurturing environment with consistent rules, and boundaries, while helping her reach her fullest potential!

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