Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: White or Caucasian

Conner is an energetic, athletic, and bright young man who is hopeful about his future.  He is a sports fan and loves being active.  Conner enjoys playing football and soccer.  In his spare time, he likes to work out and, especially, enjoys lifting weights. Conner also likes playing video games, collecting Pokémon cards, dancing, and watching television. He loves music and rap music is his favorite genre. Conner is a fashionable guy and takes a lot of pride in his appearance.

Conner is a personable and social young man who gets along well with peers and adults.  Conner thrives on consistent encouragement and does best when he feels adults will not give up on him.  He enjoys spending time with adults doing activities in his areas of interest such as playing sports, shopping, and exercising.

Conner says he is excited about achieving permanency through adoption and is ready to move forward.  The ideal forever family for Conner would be a family who enjoys sports, embraces his love for fashion, is physically active, and provides Conner with consistent support and encouragement.  Conner desires to be an only child or have adult siblings.  As a 13-year- old boy, having a strong male role model in his life is very important to Conner.  Conner enjoys attending church and would like his forever family to have a home church they attend regularly.  Conner also has a strong bond with his older sister.  It is important Conner’s forever family honors this relationship and assists him with maintaining this very important connection.

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