Destiny "Rosie"

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: White or Caucasian

Rosie is an insightful, intelligent youth who loves to sing and dance. Rosie is talkative and friendly and likes to be active and “on the go”.  She has been described as having a big personality with a great smile. Rosie has learned how to appropriately advocate for herself and is not shy about sharing her feelings. Rosie has overcome so much in her short life and has shown she is a strong, resilient youth.

Rosie would like to be in a two-parent home with a Mom and Dad. She desires a family who will allow her to have continued contact with her siblings and a maternal aunt. She needs a family who will be patient and understanding of the trauma she has endured and provide loving guidance in a stable, committed, and supportive home. Rosie is open to having older siblings or being the only child but is allergic to cats.

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