Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: White or Caucasian

Dixie is energetic, funny, kind, positive, smart, talkative, and perky. She enjoys being outside, “chasing bugs and small animals”, riding a bike, mowing the lawn/weed-eating, swimming, hiking, camping, and hunting. She loves building/making things, like sculptures and crafts. She likes listening to music, cooking, playing with pets, spending time with friends, and board games. She enjoys going to the library, parks, out to eat, shopping, watching movies, and the beach. She would like to work in interior design.

The family for Dixie will be loving, stable, caring, and supportive, with pets (dog, gerbil, or hamster) and younger siblings. They will be active and have a sense of humor. Her family will spend 1:1 time with her and “won’t give up on me”.  She is looking for a family who will share her love of pineapple pizza.

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