Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

“Hello. My name is Elijah and I enjoy going places and hanging out with friends. I’m smart, kind, and loving. I love video games and dirt bikes. I’d like to have my own dirt bike one day. I haven’t actually ridden one before, but they look fun. I love watching movies as a family and my favorite is Real Player One. I like action movies because they are exciting and it’s cool to see what people can pull off in the movies. I also like comedy but not horror movies. I scare easily. I like going to church and it’s important to me to attend every week. I’m in the choir and I like getting to sing in front of everybody. It makes me feel like I’m a part of something. I like to try new things and new kinds of food. I like joking around and helping around the house. I like learning how to cook and know how to make cole slaw, fish, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

I want a loving and caring family. A family who is active and likes to do things like go to parks and be out and about exploring the world would be great. I would like a mom and a dad. I like rules and knowing what to expect so I want parents who are strict but loving.  Since I like going to church I would prefer a Christian family. I love animals and would like a pet but especially a German Shepard and a sugar glider. I would also like to have electronics like video games. I have brothers and sisters but I don’t get to talk to them so I want a family who would help me with that. Family means someone you can trust and depend on and someone who loves you even when you do something wrong.”

Elijah is a very insightful person and his current and previous foster mothers have worked hard with him on understanding how his emotions effect his actions and he takes pride in this ability.

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