Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

“Hello. My name is Elijah and I enjoy going places and hanging out with friends. I like being outside and riding my bike with the other kids in the neighborhood and having sleepovers with friends. I just got my ear pierced and like to spray dye my hair different colors. I’m smart, kind, and loving. I love video games and dirt bikes. I’d like to have my own dirt bike on day. I haven’t actually ridden one before, but they look fun. I love movies and my favorite is Real Player One.

I want a loving and caring family. A family who is active and likes to do things like go to parks and be out and about exploring the world. I would like a mom and a dad. I like going to church and would prefer a Christian family. But race isn’t important to me at all. I just want a family who will love me. I love animals and would like a pet. I would also like to have electronics like video games. I have brothers and sisters but I don’t get to talk to them so I want a family who would help me with that. “

Elijah is a very insightful person and his current and previous foster mothers have worked hard with him on understanding how his emotions effect his actions and he takes pride in this ability.

We would like to have a family that exposes Elijah to a wide range of experiences so that he can better learn who he is and where he fits into the world. It is very important that Elijah be loved for who he is, be nurtured, and be given a family to belong to.

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