Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: White or Caucasian

Ethan is a 14-year-old boy who has a creative mind! Ethan is smart, funny, and eager to please those that he cares about. He is observant, perceptive, engages in intelligent conversations and is interested in a variety of topics. He is passionate about those he cares about and is ready to defend those who he feels are being intimidated or treated unfairly. He enjoys drawing, painting, and anything that allows him to use art. One of his projects was displayed at the Gifts of Gold Exhibit when he was just 9 years old. His favorite colors are green and indigo. His current goal in life is to become a cosmetologist or do something with animals. He has a huge heart and loves to chat with you about anything and everything. He is intentional and likes to get to know people.

He is a big animal lover and has a hard time picking a favorite one but would like to have a pet kitten in the future. He also enjoys nature, being outside, and most things to do with science. Ethan would also like to become a foster parent when he grows up so he can help other children and is interested in working at a mental health facility. Ethan likes to play board games (especially Monopoly), video games, tv shows and movies. He does not have a favorite movie but is drawn to the genres: comedy, Christmas, action, superhero, and thrillers. He loves meatloaf, rice, and Mexican food. His favorite snacks and desserts are Oreo mint cookies, chocolate mint ice cream and brownies. Other interests include an interest in genetics and the counterintelligence branch of the military.

When he talks about a future family, he mentions that he would like them to be loving and caring. He is adventurous and would like a family who is into activities and outdoor adventures as well. A family that will support him in what he wants to do, allows him to be himself, and help him achieve his goals.

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