Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: White or Caucasian
Number of Siblings: 2
JJ (Age: 8)  Jessie (Age: 12)  

Gaby is a quiet and kind 18-year-old who takes pride in looking after his two younger brothers. His current foster parent describes him as the most responsible and dependable young man she has known. Gaby is graduating high school this year and loves his part-time job. He is determined to save money for a car and is learning to drive. He loves video games especially Zelda.

Jessie is an intelligent and friendly 12-year-old who loves school. He also enjoys riding dirt bikes and is learning to play the guitar. Jessie is always up for trying something new and is excited about his future! He also feels a strong devotion and love for his brothers.

JJ is a sweet, tenderhearted, and loving 8-year-old who adores his big brothers and loves riding his bike, his scooter, and just playing!

These brothers need a family who will understand the bond between them and who will help them continue their close relationship with their younger sister who has been adopted separately. Gaby, Jessie, and JJ are looking forward to finding their forever home and just need a committed and caring family who are ready for an adventure with these three boys!

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