Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

Gavin is an inquisitive, energetic, and handsome young man who likes to stay active.  Like most kids his age, he can be distracted by electronics, so he does best when he has other creative and healthy outlets. He is athletic and enjoys riding bikes, climbing trees, and exploring outdoors, but also enjoys toys like Legos that feed his creative side and desire to build and learn how things work.  He is a likable kid and quick to show affection to people he cares about.  Gavin LOVES animals. He has a soft spot for them, especially dogs, and would love the opportunity to have pets and help take care of them.   Gavin thrives on positive praise and likes to be given opportunities to show how he can be helpful.

Gavin wants to be a part of a forever family that is active and who will include him on family activities, trips, and daily outings.

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