Gender: Female
Age: 12
Race: White or Caucasian
Number of Siblings: 1
Michael (Age: 13)  

Illyanna is a very sweet and intelligent young lady who enjoys unicorns, art, and the outdoors. In school, she is described as very bright and can perform at the top of her class. She enjoys reading and her favorite subject is math. Illyanna has a bubbly personality and can be very expressive. She is a caregiver and enjoys caring for younger children and pets. She has an inviting smile and an engaging personality that is very welcoming to others who don’t know her. Illyanna tends to make friends easily wherever she goes. She would like to work with animals as she gets older. At her current foster home, she helps feed the dogs and chickens.

Illyanna wants a family to call her own. A family that will love both her and her brother. It is important for the family to understand the impact of trauma and loss. She wants a family that she can be adventurous with and make memories.

Michael is a quirky boy with sandy-blonde hair and big brown eyes. He loves transformers: Optimus Prime and Bubble Bee. He also enjoys playing with Legos. Michael also plays video games such as Minecraft and Fortnight. Michael loves learning about outer space and the weather. He even has a weather radio, so he can keep up with all the weather updates. Michael can also be described as somewhat of an introvert. He takes time to open up but once he knows someone, he can be very talkative and loves to tell stories. Michael does have difficulty engaging in reciprocal conversation and is learning how to do this. He is also protective of his loved ones and is quick to come to their defense.

Michael wants a family for both him and his sister. He wants a family that likes to play and make memories and a family that will love them unconditionally. It is important for the family to understand the impact of trauma and loss.

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