Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Multiracial

Jaedon is a smart, charming, and determined child who loves being outdoors.  He has been described as very cute, nice, and funny. Jaedon can also be very helpful.   He does a wonderful job of helping around the house. Jaedon desires to be a chef and football player. Jaedon enjoys Starbucks and his favorite drink is a Frappuccino.

Jaedon is an active child who loves to have fun.  He enjoys soccer, ice skating, basketball and tossing a football around. He also loves to color, and at one point, he had a fascination with Paper Mate ink pens and sharpies. Jaedon’s favorite activities include playing a video game called Fortnite. Jaedon is a creative child who enjoys doing things with his hands.  Jaedon’s favorite book and movie is Venom, and his favorite television show is WWE.

Jaedon wants to be adopted. He continues to express his desire to belong in a family. Jaedon will need a family who is calm yet firm, can set clear expectations, and be an active listener.  He will respond well to a loving, and patient family who is able to provide him with the attention and structure he craves.  Jaedon also loves to have fun and would benefit from participation in extracurricular activities

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