Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: Black or African American

“I love my life, and I am blessed today, thank God and give him the highest praise.”

Jataeviz is a smart and polite young man who loves to play basketball and just be active in general.  He loves his family and hanging out with his friends.  He enjoys pizza, WWE, and drawing.  He likes to play video games and going to church.  He states what he likes most about himself is that he is fast, smart, and good at sports.  His friends would describe him as a good friend and funny.  Jataeviz is good in school and has good grades in his academics, the subject he likes most in school is math.  His goal in life is to be a sports player and he would love to go see his favorite sports team play.

Jataeviz would do best in a two-parent or single-parent home with structure and guidance.  He would do well with other children in the home either younger or older.  Jataeviz comes from a large sibling group and does well with his foster brothers.

To be able to maintain some of his family connections would be important to him, as some of his family members play a role in his life currently.  Jataeviz is a sweet young man with a ton of potential and desires a family to call his own.

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