Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: White or Caucasian

Jaydon is an energetic, curious young man who likes to learn new things. He has a somewhat laid-back demeanor and does not like being the center of attention. Jaydon is very artistic and shares that he mostly draws for fun and relaxation. Jaydon says that he likes watching action movies, Marvel movies, and YouTube videos. He loves playing soccer, football, and basketball with his neighborhood friends. Jaydon gets along well with peers his age and shares he likes having male peers his age around to talk to and play video games with. Like most boys his age, Jaydon enjoys climbing trees, running, and swimming and says he is not a picky eater. Jaydon’s favorite foods are pizza, chicken, hotdogs, and french-fries. His least favorite food is vegetables.

Jaydon participates well in school and is working to increase his reading and comprehension skills. He does not present behavioral issues at school and reports that he actually enjoys going to school to learn and interact with his friends.

Jaydon is caring, active, and excited to find a family who will support his hopes, goals, and dreams. He shares that he desires a two-parent family that is active in the community and will allow him to be included in school sports and clubs. Jaydon has a bond with his two younger siblings who are also in care, and desire to be able to maintain contact with them through phone calls and visits. Jaydon’s team supports his desires.

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