Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: White or Caucasian
Number of Siblings: 1
Seth (Age: 16)  

Joshua is a happy and excited young man especially when playing video games! He really enjoys being able to connect with other players on the game. He likes to collect different trade card games and has a collection book. He enjoys being outside and being able to play outside with his brother. Joshua also loves cars like his brother. He enjoys learning about cars and how to fix them. Joshua also loves animals.

Seth is a very quiet young man and enjoys spending time with his brother. He enjoys playing video games when he visits with him. Seth enjoys playing Legos and building objects with Legos. Seth enjoys opportunities to try new things. He was able to go to the State Fair and he really enjoyed himself. He was not afraid to ride on the rides. Seth loves cars, enjoys learning about cars, and how to fix them. He especially loves muscle cars.

Seth and Joshua desire to be adopted together. They would love a two-parent home with a mom and a dad who would allow them  to play video games. They want a home with a backyard to be able to play outside and be active. Seth and Joshua need a family that will be patient and understanding of their needs. Seth and Joshua would thrive the best being the only two children in the home. They desire to remain in contact with their grandfather via phone calls or visits.

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