Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Black or African American

Josiah is a sweet and loving young man. At his best, he is shy and polite, but also inquisitive once he is comfortable. Josiah takes great pride in his appearance. He will always take the time to make sure his hair is perfected to his liking. His clothes will be neat, fashionable and Josiah will be dressed to impress.

Josiah is a whiz at building. He gets creative with Legos. He has even helped his foster caregiver build a garden bed and a brick back porch. Josiah loves to ride his bike, play driveway basketball, and play with RC cars. He also absolutely loves drawing and dancing. He is quite a good dancer, too!

Josiah reports that he wants to be a foreign car mechanic when he is older. Josiah is a young man with big dreams and even bigger potential. With the right family, he will achieve all his goals and more. Josiah needs a patient and understanding family that is willing to set boundaries and remain consistent while nurturing and loving him at the same time.

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