Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: White or Caucasian

Julien is a charming, personable, and athletic young man, with lots of energy. Julien likes all sports, especially basketball and football and has participated on his school track team. Julien shares that he likes being outside, but he also enjoys playing video games with his friends. Julien likes to eat healthy foods. Some of his favorite foods are chicken, mashed potatoes, and most fruits. However, like most youth his age, his favorite place to eat is McDonald’s, Little Caesar’s Pizza or the Olive Garden.

Julien is very active and athletic and would benefit from an active male parental figure who will support him in joining community and/or school sports teams. Julien does well in school and reports math and science are his favorite subjects.

Julien shares that he desires a single male parent family who will be patient, supportive and encourage him as he continues to work towards his plan of adoption.

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