Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: White or Caucasian
Number of Siblings: 1
Kaden (Age: 14)  

Kaleb is a 16-year-old who enjoys outdoor activities, crafts, cooking, and of course shopping.  His favorite items to look at are shoes, specifically Jordans.  He loves playing basketball and has a goal to beat his foster parent in basketball one day.  Kaleb is extremely talented in putting model cars together and likes to identify cars by their sound when going somewhere.  He hopes to be a truck driver when he grows up.  He enjoys spending time with his brother, cleaning up the yard, and playing games.

Kaleb wants a two-parent home, with a mom and dad.  He would also like his own room and a place in his room to display his model cars.  He would like a family who is outgoing and involved in community activities and church.  Kaleb would also like a family who will allow him to visit with his brother, Kaden on occasion.

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