Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Black or African American

Kali can be described as polite, friendly, and sometimes quiet.  He enjoys being around his friends, playing sports and video games.  He is still figuring out what his future and his career goals are.  Kali is excited about this upcoming school year and looks forward to being on the basketball team.

Kali is like any other growing teenager and likes to have some independence.  He likes to be involved in decisions concerning his well-being and future.  Kali enjoys a good laugh and has no issue meeting new people who are genuine about getting to know him.   He has persevered through a lot of changes since being in care and he continues to remain hopeful.  Kali looks forward to the day where he can just be around people who love and care about him.

It is important for Kali to have a family that will cultivate an environment of love.  He deserves a family that is attentive to his needs and desires as well as support him.  This family will provide structure, guidance and be able to learn new things together.  A family that is opened to getting to know him and being committed to this journey is what he needs to thrive.

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