Gender: Male
Age: 8
Race: Black or African American

Kamoni is a friendly and happy 8-year-old boy who is most comfortable in smaller settings with a limited amount of people. Kamoni is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is extremely intelligent and can memorize any piece of information seen and heard. He can communicate his needs and wants verbally and has become quire talkative. He will often repeat phrases he has heard his teachers say or things he has heard on television, especially commercials. Some of his favorite shows are Peppa Pig and Gabby’s Dollhouse. Kamoni is very interested in technology (he adores his Amazon tablet) and enjoys taking walks outside.

Kamoni functions best if he has one-on-one interaction with an adult. Although he will mention or ask about children in his class, he prefers independent play. Kamoni requires structure, boundaries, and daily routine. He is most comfortable when given verbal or visual cues about upcoming events or changes in schedules.

Kamoni would benefit from a two parent or single parent home that has a decent support system. He is a very busy young man and requires individualized attention. Kamoni does best when he is the only child in the home. However, Kamoni interacts positively with teenage children. He is not comfortable around large or noisy pets. He thrives when he can participate in educational and physical activities.

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