Gender: Female
Age: 8
Race: White or Caucasian
Number of Siblings: 1
Dominic (Age: 7)  

Karamyah is very smart and loves to attend school.  She loves playing with her dolls and enjoys meeting friends.   Karamyah is friendly, talkative, and enjoys having things to do.    She loves to read and is a very good speller. She is a Janet Jackson fan!  She also enjoys playing with her little brother, Dominic.

Dominic is very intelligent and a little competitive!  He loves school and likes to complete chores because he likes things nice and neat.  Dominic enjoys drawing, playing with his toys and listening to  Michael Jackson music.

Karamyah and Dominic would like a home with a mom and a dad who can provide love, patience, attention, structure, and support. They would do best in a home where they are the only children.  They would thrive in a home where they are afforded the opportunity to engage in family time, activities, and have parents who will encourage and support extracurricular activities.  Both children need a positive role model who enjoys investing in quality time with them.  It is important for these siblings to remain together.

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