Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Black or African American

Kyra is a funny, smart, and a determined young lady and is constantly looking for ways to inspire those around her. During her free time, Kyra enjoys helping others and sees herself as a role model for younger kids. In her free time Kyra enjoys hanging out with friends, making TikTok videos, and pampering herself.

Kyra enjoys meeting new people, traveling, trying new things and most importantly, school. Kyra’s favorite place to go is the beach. Kyra’s dream trip is to go swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas.

Although Kyra is going through the process, she would still like to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with her biological family. Kyra enjoys spending the holidays with her family her favorites are Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the time Kyra gets to spend with those she loves and cares about and she can’t forget about the baked mac-and-cheese!

After high school Kyra plans to attend a HBCU. Upon enrollment Kyra plans to study Criminal Justice so that she can go on to become a lawyer. Kyra is looking for a family that is supportive of her goals, motivating and will hold her accountable, and involved in extracurricular activities. Kyra prefers a traditional household with mother/father and prefers a younger sibling.

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