Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: Black or African American

LaDuffy is an active, playful, and endearing little boy, with a pleasant demeanor who draws others in. It may be because he is so genuine in how he expresses delight or in the way he gleefully responds to small things.  He is athletic and well-coordinated and likes to ride his bike, run fast, and play kickball. LaDuffy is happiest when he can be outdoors. He loves going to the park and playing on the trampoline. He loves police cars and fire trucks.  LaDuffy’s favorite action movie is “Spiderman”.

LaDuffy has been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum and there are impairments in his emotional regulation, as well as in communication, language, cognitive, and social skills. A sweet-natured child who responds well to adult attention, LaDuffy continues to make slow, but steady progress in all ways. Although he struggles with verbal communication, he has made strides to increase his vocabulary. By attending traditional school, family functions, and community activities, LaDuffy is continuing to learn to use his words instead of pointing to what he wants.

LaDuffy is a sweet child who needs a forever family now. The family must be patient, enjoy the outdoors, have a strong support system, and be committed to his special educational needs.

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