Gender: Female
Age: 8
Race: Black or African American

Lailah is an 8-year-old bundle of energy and curiosity! She enjoys being outdoors and going to new places. When she is outside she likes to run around, ride her bike, kick/throw the ball around, and so much more. She loves playing with animals, especially dogs and would love to have them in her future family if possible. She enjoys dancing, various gymnast activities, and loves being active!

When she is not outside, you can find her watching Frozen or enjoying crafts. You may also find her behind a computer/tablet screen on YouTube; she loves finding videos that make her laugh. She enjoys hands on play and loves to feel the texture of things (i.e., slime, eggshells, sand, etc.).

She has been enjoying school and is hoping to find more friends there. She loves her brother and sees her previous foster parents as grandparents. She has a strong bond with both and enjoys the time she gets to spend with them

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