Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: White or Caucasian

Lindsay is a fun girl, who loves to go on vacations, especially to Myrtle Beach.  She is helpful to others; she especially likes to clean and have a tidy room. She is also a leader in the home and helps guide new people.  Lindsay likes to go skating, attend birthday parties, and visiting new places, she really wants to visit Los Angeles because she wants to meet famous people.  She loves shopping and considers it one of her hobbies.  Lindsay wants a job at Burger King and KFC when she grows up.

Lindsay desires to have a family who wants her to be a part of their family.  She desires to have a one-parent home, preferably a mother.  Lindsay would like to live near Winston Salem, so she can remain in touch with her sister.  She would like to have a family who will allow her to have a phone, her own room, and a television.  Lindsay would like to have parents who go out into the community, especially going out to eat for lunch at Burger King and stay at home for a quiet evening.

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