Gender: Male
Age: 9
Race: White or Caucasian

Michael loves playing outside and has recently learned how to ride a bike independently! He loves to show off his artistic abilities such as coloring and drawing and takes a lot of pride in sharing his work.  He enjoys watching television shows or a movie, while relaxing at home.

Michael is a sweet young man, with a lot of love to give.  He loves being part of a family and thrives with the presence of a strong male figure in his life.  Michael will need love, structure, consistency, and support from his forever family. The right family for Michael will need to be patient as he transitions into their home and understand how trauma impacts development.

An ideal family for Michael would have realistic expectations for him and have a home with clear rules and consistent structure. Michael would like a family who is open to maintaining contact with his brother, as they have a strong bond and relationship with one another.   Michael would do best in a two-parent home or a single male home.  Michael needs to feel he belongs, is accepted no matter what, and is loved unconditionally.

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