Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Multiracial

“Hello. My name is Migel. I really like to cook. My favorite thing to cook is pizza and Hispanic food. In my free time, I like to draw or go outside and play. I like to get out and do things like go to the trampoline park and amusement parks. I also enjoy gardening. I don’t like being bored at home. School is ok but isn’t something I enjoy. My least favorite subjects are reading, and social studies and favorites are math and science. I have a serious personality, I think, but I also like to joke around. I like clothes and wearing what’s on-trend. I like photography. I want to make a podcast one day. I love Marvel movies, dramatic murder mysteries, action, sci-fi.

I want a family who likes to stay busy. I want a Christian family who goes to church every week and who is tech-savvy. I like to be praised when I do something good and want parents who aren’t always fussing. Who will ask me what I like to do instead of just making plans without my opinion. I want a mom and dad who will make time for me to spend time with my sisters. This is the number one most important thing to me.”

Migel will greatly benefit from caregivers who initiate interaction, conversation and play with him. He doesn’t like to be bored, and sometimes he struggles with identifying positive options for play and leisure.

Therefore, he requires proactive parents and caregivers who will aid him in figuring out these options. Power struggles don’t work with Migel but empowering him to act appropriately and focusing on his own competencies is the best approach.

Miguel wants to live with a mom and dad. He has a younger and older sister who are being adopted separately, and one who is in her 20s who lives out of state. It is important that they all be allowed to stay in touch.

He identifies as a Christian and wants to become a missionary or a minister. He strongly prefers a Christian (either Protestant or Catholic) family.

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