Gender: Male
Age: 12
Race: Black or African American

Raymond is a warm, hilarious, and thoughtful boy who loves to play sports, help with yard work, play video games, watch television, and make others laugh. Raymond also loves to eat and has a great appetite. He loves home cooked meals and big family gatherings. He also enjoys going out to eat.  Raymond can be shy initially but warms to others quickly and enjoys being the center of attention with those he is comfortable with. He has a wonderful singing voice.  Raymond enjoys school and will need support and guidance academically. He enjoys going to church and will lead the prayer for his church family.

He understands the importance of having a family who he can feel safe with. He is very close with his current foster family who have been grandparent figures in his life and they all would like to keep that connection. He says he, one day, would like to experience a family vacation and he would like to have a family who enjoys doing things together. Raymond needs a family who will provide him with love, acceptance, and structure.

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