Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: Black or African American

Sasha is a sassy teenage girl who has a passion for the arts. Friendly and sometimes shy, she is a people person who is happiest when allowed to focus on her craft. A true entertainer, Sasha has expressed a love for theater, music, and gymnastics. Sasha has stated she would like to take acting classes, music lessons and would love to be able to cheer.

Sasha reports she would like a family that wants to travel and spend time together. Sasha would like to be the only child in the home. She loves animals and wouldn’t mind having a dog. Sasha has reported she’s ready for adoption. She can identify struggles she’s had in the past, hold herself accountable and wants better for herself now. Sasha has matured a lot and is ready to find her “forever family”.

Sasha’s support team feels like she would do best in a structured but nurturing environment. She needs a family that is patient and understands the ups and downs of parenting a teenager. There may be some hard days, but there will be far more rewarding ones. The right family for Sasha will need to set clear boundaries and follow through with consequences when needed. It would be beneficial to allow Sasha to be a part of that conversation and allow her to advocate for what she feels would help her. Sasha needs a family willing to advocate for her mental health and that will be very involved in her academics. Overall, Sasha is an awesome girl with so much talent and potential.

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