Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: White or Caucasian

Skyler is a fantastic kid that has made tremendous progress during his time in foster care. He is an overcomer and is excited to be a part of a family that is his forever home. Skyler enjoys rock climbing, bike riding, sports, and outdoor activities. He also loves playing video games with his brother. He’s always had an interest in animals and has wanted to be a marine biologist since he was in 3rd grade. Skyler loves lizards and snakes and hopes to be able to have a pet one day.

Skyler has a great sense of humor and would do well with a small or large family that he can be at ease with and just enjoy being a teenager. He likes to joke around and be silly and wants to be appreciated for who he is. Like all teenagers, Skyler is still figuring out who he is and who he wants to be in life. He would benefit from someone who can be a good role model and provide nurturing and guidance, while maintaining the structure and routine that helps keep Skyler successful at meeting his goals.

Skyler strives in achievement and has been working hard in school. He has always had a big heart and cares a lot about people. He enjoys finding the things that make people happy and loves encouragement, even if he doesn’t always show that (classic teenager 😊). He enjoys shot put and says that he would like to work out some more. He is proud of himself when he works hard and likes to accomplish his goals.

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