Gender: Female
Age: 11
Race: White or Caucasian

Tamela is described as a spunky little “firecracker” who has a bright smile, long, wavy brown hair, an olive complexion, and hazel eyes framed by long eyelashes.  She likes to dance, sing, make jokes, and be the center of attention. Tamela is a people person and the life of the party. She is a natural performer in which she likes to joke and make people laugh. Tamela’s favorite restaurant is Chick fila. She enjoys broccoli and French Fries. She loves the color blue especially the blue water at the beach.

When entering a room, Tamela easily introduces herself to others. Tamela is attentive and she will ask questions and listens to what others have to say. She has good relationships with adults and her peers.  She is kind natured and in touch with the people around her. Tamela craves attention and does best when she is given words of affirmation and quality time. Her favorite show is Charmed, and she loves Math. Tamela enjoys school and reading.

Family is important to Tamela. She delights in all things that families do; this includes, bonfires, baking, playing board games, family dinners, outings and walking the pet. She desires a family who likes the same things. She wants them to be nice, supportive and love going to the beach. Tamela is respectful, cooperative, and able to express herself, she likes to please. Tamela has dealt with rejection, and it has impacted her self-worth.  Tamela has internalized hurts that she is working currently through.  She needs a family that will give her quality time, redirect her negative self-talk, be patient, have parenting experience, and a family who has structured routine with clear expectations.

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