Gender: Female
Age: 10
Race: White or Caucasian

“My name is Tiffany and I like going to church and participating in youth groups. I like to do arts and crafts. I like to go swimming and ride my bike. I don’t like school that much, but I like music and gym. I play the violin and I like hugs and cuddles. I’m not a picky eater. I love food!

I want a family who will care about me. A family who goes to church and who likes to get out and do things. I like to travel and see new places. It’s important that I stay in contact with my siblings and that I get to see and spend time with them.”

Tiffany has expressed that it is important for her to live in a two-parent home with both a mommy and a daddy. She also states that she would love to be in a home with pets and specifically has mentioned wanting a “wolf dog.” Tiffany wants a family that is “nice” to her and that plays with her. It is also important that the family know her history and be willing to work with her through any issues that may arise because of it.

DSS plans for Tiffany to be adopted with her brother, Migel. They feel that both Tiffany and Miguel appear to be very able to bond and fit into a family, provided that the family seeks to understand their strengths and needs and takes frequent initiative in engaging them all in meaningful interaction.  The children are very open to new experiences. They also have an older sister who is being adopted separately, and one who is in her 20s who lives out of state. It is important that they all be allowed to stay in touch.

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