Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: White or Caucasian

Timothy is a caring and polite young man with a bright future. He likes activities that allow him to use his hands and enjoy the outdoors. He likes fishing, riding his bike, and projects where he can repair things or discover how things work. Timothy is proud of his growing tool collection and looks for opportunities to use them.  Timothy loves cars and looks forward to getting his driver’s license. He thinks he may like to become a mechanic and restore cars as a career.  He may also pursue a career in the military!  He would love a family who shares his interests and stays active.  Timothy describes himself as intelligent, loving, and good at math.  He likes to be around animals, especially dogs.

Timothy wants to live in a family that employs a discipline style that values helping their children learn from their mistakes. Timothy is sensitive and cares deeply about his family and connections and staying in contact with them is important to him.  Any family he chooses would have to help him stay in touch with his younger brother and other positive connections in his life.

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